Budget Paper No. 3

Federal Financial Relations

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Budget Paper No. 3: Federal Financial Relations   4.5MB
Preliminaries 200KB 294KB
Part 1: Australia’s Federal Relations 249KB 519KB
Part 2: Payments for specific purposes 283KB 481KB
Health 269KB 1.5MB
Education 302KB 345KB
Skills and workforce development 279KB 251KB
Community services 140KB 322KB
Affordable housing 120KB 275KB
Infrastructure 196KB 520KB
Environment, energy and water 424KB 674KB
Contingent payments 115KB 211KB
Other payments 178KB 397KB
Part 3: General revenue assistance 133KB 431KB
Appendix A: Parameters and further information 176KB 259KB
Appendix B: Total payments to the states by function* 290KB 546KB
Appendix C: Supplementary Tables* 252KB 875KB
Appendix D: Debt transactions* 381KB 376KB
Appendix E: Appropriations and conditions* 188KB 314KB
Notes 157KB 134KB

* Online only