Mid-Year Economic and Fiscal Outlook

The Mid-Year Economic and Fiscal Outlook (MYEFO) updates the economic and fiscal outlook from the previous Budget.

Clause 14 of the Charter of Budget Honesty requires the release of a MYEFO each year by the end of January, or six months after the last Budget, whichever is later.

As well as updating the economic and fiscal outlook, the MYEFO takes account of all decisions made since the release of the Budget which affect payments and receipts and hence revises the budget aggregates. An appendix to MYEFO summarises all policy decisions taken since the Budget.


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Mid-Year Economic and Fiscal Outlook 2023-24   6.36MB
Preliminaries 92KB 336KB
Part 1: Overview 438KB 481KB
Part 2: Economic Outlook 359KB 518KB
Part 3: Fiscal Strategy and Outlook 344KB 1.42MB
Part 4: Debt Statement 158KB 373KB
Part 5: Sensitivity Analysis 134KB 254KB
Part 6: Statement of Risks 270KB 737KB
Part 7: Australian Government Budget Financial Statements 253KB 883KB
Appendix A: Policy decisions taken since the 2023-24 Budget 468KB 2.79MB
Appendix B: Supplementary Expenses Table and the Contingency Reserve 202KB 370KB
Appendix C: Australia's Federal Financial Relations 170KB 891KB
Appendix C: Annex A - Payments to the states * 630KB 5.46MB
Appendix D: Tax Expenditures 114KB 282KB
Appendix E: Historical Australian Government Data 349KB 1.75MB
Notes 107KB 184KB
Chart data (XLSX) ZIP 121KB  

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