Budget Paper No. 3

Federal Financial Relations

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Budget Paper No. 3: Federal Financial Relations   4.4MB
Preliminaries 246KB 338KB
Part 1: Australia’s Federal Relations 179KB 580KB
Part 2: Payments for specific purposes 136KB 462KB
Health 229KB 1.8MB
Education 143KB 532KB
Skills and workforce development 133KB 347KB
Community services 136KB 398KB
Affordable housing 132KB 395KB
Infrastructure 187KB 970KB
Environment 244KB 1.5MB
Contingent payments 127KB 268KB
Other payments 186KB 907KB
Part 3: General revenue assistance 146KB 453KB
Appendix A: Parameters and Further Information 130KB 337KB
Appendix B: Total payments to the states by function* 251KB 624KB
Appendix C: Supplementary Tables* 302KB 912KB
Appendix D: Debt Transactions* 279KB 914KB
Appendix E: Appropriations and conditions* 329KB 301KB

* Online only