Budget Paper No. 4

Agency Resourcing

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Budget Paper No. 4: Agency Resourcing 5.1MB
Preliminaries 159KB 266KB
Preface 230KB 271KB
Introduction and Guide to Budget Paper No. 4 1.5MB 1.2MB
Part 1: Agency Financial Resourcing 91KB 224KB
Agency resourcing table 707KB 4.9MB
Special appropriations table - overview 160KB 140KB
Special appropriations table 211KB 652KB
Special accounts table - overview 86KB 204KB
Special accounts table 428KB 1.4MB
Part 2: Staffing of Agencies 199KB 463KB
Part 3: Expenses and Net Capital Investment 280KB 600KB
Appendix A: Agency Outcome Statements 277KB 516KB
Acronyms and notes 80KB 142KB