Portfolio Additional Estimates Statements

The purpose of the Portfolio Additional Estimates Statements (PAES), like that of the Portfolio Budget Statements, is to inform Senators and Members of Parliament and the public of the proposed allocation of resources to government outcomes by agencies within the relevant portfolio.

The focus of the PAES differs from the Portfolio Budget Statements in one important aspect. While the PAES include an Agency Resource Statement to inform Parliament of the revised estimate of the total resources available to an agency, the focus of the PAES is on explaining the changes in resourcing since the Budget. As such, the PAES provides information on new measures and their impact on the financial and non-financial planned performance of agencies.

The PAES facilitate understanding of the proposed appropriations in Appropriation Bills (No. 3 and No. 4). In this sense the PAES are declared by the Additional Estimates Appropriation Bills to be a 'relevant document' to the interpretation of the Bills according to section 15AB of the Acts Interpretation Act 1901.

Whereas the Mid-Year Economic and Fiscal Outlook is a mid-year budget report which provides updated information to allow the assessment of the Government's fiscal performance against its fiscal strategy, the PAES update the most recent budget appropriations for agencies within the relevant portfolio.

Timing: Tabled in Parliament when the Additional Estimates Bills are introduced

Australian Government Entity Name

Agriculture, Water and Environment Portfolio
Attorney-General’s Portfolio
Defence Portfolio
- Defence
- Department of Veterans' Affairs
Education, Skills and Employment Portfolio
Finance Portfolio
Foreign Affairs and Trade Portfolio
Health Portfolio
Home Affairs Portfolio
Industry, Science, Energy and Resources Portfolio
Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development and Communications Portfolio
Prime Minister and Cabinet Portfolio
Social Services Portfolio
Treasury Portfolio

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