Budget Paper No. 3

Federal Financial Relations

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Budget Paper No. 3: Federal Financial Relations   6.84MB
Preliminaries 137KB 719KB
Part 1: Australia’s Federal Relations 61KB 917KB
Part 2: Payments for specific purposes 43KB 832KB
Health 133KB 1.83MB
Education 48KB 1.04MB
Skills and workforce development 44KB 682KB
Community services 44KB 674KB
Affordable housing 48KB 689KB
Infrastructure 107KB 1.57MB
Environment 110KB 1.57KB
Contingent payments 42KB 588KB
Other payments 71KB 1.12MB
Part 3: General revenue assistance 54KB 825KB
Appendix A: Parameters and Further Information 41KB 895KB
Appendix B: Total payments to the states by function* 81KB 867KB
Appendix C: Supplementary Tables* 131KB 1.22MB
Appendix D: Debt Transactions* 134KB 1.43MB
Appendix E: Appropriations and conditions* 55KB 434KB

* Online only