Budget Paper No. 1

Budget Strategy and Outlook

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Budget Paper No. 1: Budget Strategy and Outlook 5.99MB
Preliminaries 93KB 590KB
Statement 1: Budget Overview 96KB 1.11MB
Statement 2: Economic Outlook 240KB 1.25MB
Statement 3: Fiscal Strategy and Outlook 178KB 1.71MB
Statement 4: Fiscal Policy and Economic Growth 265KB 683KB
Statement 5: Revenue 217KB 1.62MB
Statement 5: Revenue - online supplementary tables
Table 1: Australian Government (cash) receipts [6KB CSV]
Table 2: Major categories of (cash) receipts as a proportion of gross domestic product [4KB CSV]
Table 3: Australian Government (accrual) revenue [6KB CSV]
Table 4: Major categories of (accrual) revenue as a proportion of gross domestic product [3KB CSV]
Statement 6: Expenses and Net Capital Investment 214KB 2.43MB
Statement 7: Debt Statement 136KB 1.17MB
Statement 8: Forecasting Performance and Scenario Analysis 131KB 747KB
Statement 9: Statement of Risks 139KB 878KB
Statement 10: Australian Government Budget Financial Statements 247KB 1.81MB
Appendix B: Assets and Liabilities 47KB 525KB
Statement 11: Historical Australian Government Data 177KB 1.31MB