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Mid-Year Economic and Fiscal Outlook

The Mid-Year Economic and Fiscal Outlook (MYEFO) updates the economic and fiscal outlook from the previous budget. Clause 14 of the Charter of Budget Honesty requires the release of a MYEFO each year by the end of January, or six months after the last budget, whichever is later.

As well as updating the economic and fiscal outlook, the MYEFO updates the budgetary position. In particular, the MYEFO takes account of all decisions made since the release of the last budget update which affect expenses and revenue and hence revises the budget aggregates. An appendix to MYEFO summarises all policy decisions taken since the 2016 Pre‑election Economic and Fiscal Outlook.

Part DOC Download PDF Download
Mid-Year Economic and Fiscal Outlook 2016‑17   2.6MB
Chart Data 850KB (Zipped XLS)
Preliminaries and Foreword 115KB 315KB
Part 1: Overview 119KB 158KB
Part 2: Economic Outlook 2.4MB 217KB
Part 3: Fiscal Strategy and Outlook 1.2MB 410KB
Attachment A: Forecast uncertainties, sensitivities and scenarios 840KB 295KB
Attachment B: Tax Expenditures 108KB 161KB
Attachment C: Supplementary expenses table and the Contingency Reserve 164KB 136KB
Attachment D: Australia's Federal Relations 413KB 308KB
Annex A: Payments to the States (online only) 2MB 507KB
Attachment E: Debt Statement 649KB 436KB
Appendix A: Policy decisions taken since the 2016 PEFO    
Revenue Measures 106KB 382KB
Expense Measures 323KB 2.6MB
Capital Measures 71KB 282KB
Appendix B: Australian Government Budget Financial Statements
(including Attachment A: Financial reporting standards and Budget concepts)
1MB 371KB
Attachment B: Australian Loan Council Allocation 80KB 180KB
Appendix C: Statement of risks 194KB 426KB
Appendix D: Historical Australian Government data 700KB 268KB