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Budget Overview and Economic Outlook

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The 2001-02 Budget
The Australian Economy: Growth to Bounce Back


Budget Priorities

Achieving the Government's Social and Economic Objectives
More Benefits from Tax Reform
Australians Working Together
Acknowledging Older Australians
Enhancing our Health System
Practical Measures to Address Indigenous Disadvantage
Safeguarding our Natural Resources
Rural and Regional Australia
Supporting Research and Innovation
Building Our Defence Force Capabilities
A More Active Australia
Expenses and Revenue - Major Categories
The Benefits of Debt Reduction
World Growth Slows from Historical Highs
Economic Growth in Australia to Rebound in 2001-02
Solid Export Growth and a Lower Current Account Deficit
The Unemployment Rate to Stabilise
Inflation to Decline
Maintaining Strong Productivity Growth


Appendix A

Commonwealth Budget Aggregates

Appendix B

Spending Initiatives in the 2001-02 Budget

Appendix C

Detailed Economic Forecasts for 2001-02

Appendix D

Historical Budget and Net Debt Data

Appendix E