Creating opportunities for women to fulfill their potential

Respect, dignity, choice and equality of opportunity are fundamental to the safety, health and economic security of women in Australia.

The 2022‑23 Women's Budget Statement builds on last year’s statement by investing a further $2.1 billion in a broad range of initiatives to improve the lives and livelihoods of Australian women and children.

The Government’s economic plan to boost female participation has seen more women in work, and a narrowing gender pay gap. The Government is committed to providing further choice and flexibility so families can manage work and care, as well as supporting more women to become entrepreneurs and develop leadership skills.

Improving women’s safety

The Government is committed to an Australia where women and children are free from fear and violence

‘Regardless of identity, ability, race and status, all women have the right to live and work free from violence and harassment’

Statement from Delegates at the National Summit on Women’s Safety 2021

The Government is committing a record $1.3 billion towards ending all forms of violence against women and children in this year’s Budget. This investment will support implementation of the new National Plan to End Violence against Women and Children 2022‑2032, which is being finalised with states and territories following 18 months consultation, including with victim-survivors. The National Plan commits all levels of government to taking significant steps to ensure all women and children live free from fear and violence.

The Government's funding will support measures across key priority areas, including support for the establishment of the new Family, Domestic and Sexual Violence Commission. The package also continues the Government’s implementation of the recommendations of the Respect@Work report, with $3.4 million to address workplace sexual harassment.

This infographic contains information on how the Government is helping to end violence against women and children by providing funding across four pillars: $203.6 million for prevention, $328.2 million for early intervention, $480.1 million for response and $290.9 million for recovery. It also includes shows information on the Government’s commitment of $19.0 million for national data and evidence on women’s safety, funding of $22.4 million for a National Family, Domestic and Sexual Violence Commission announced in November 2021 and an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander action plan.

Investing in women's health and wellbeing

Helping women and girls to stay healthy through all the stages of their lives

Women have different experiences of health and wellbeing depending on their life stage. The Government is committed to supporting and promoting the health of women and girls throughout their lives. Supporting women's health improves women's lives and provides benefits to families, society and the economy.

The Government has invested a further $330.6 million in this Budget to improve health outcomes for women and girls in a range of priority areas. This includes further funding for maternal, sexual and reproductive health, including to support women with endometriosis and pelvic pain. The Government is providing $58.3 million to improve diagnosis, treatment and support, including establishing endometriosis and pelvic pain clinics.

This infographic lists the Government’s priorities for women’s health, including maternal, sexual and reproductive health, mental health, healthy ageing, health impacts of violence against women and girls, and chronic conditions and preventive health.

Boosting women’s economic security and creating pathways for women leaders

Supporting choice and opportunity for all women

A record number of women hold positions on Government boards making up more than 50 per cent of boards

Of the 1.9 million jobs created since 2013, around 60 per cent were taken up by women, supported by policies implemented under this Government. Women’s workforce participation is at a record high.

In this Budget, the Government is providing $482.0 million to help women advance their careers and improve their economic security. The 2022-23 Women's Budget Statement includes new measures to ensure women are even better equipped for the jobs of the future. Funding of $56.2 million is being provided to assist women to transition into the booming tech industry and into jobs in manufacturing, as well as to develop entrepreneurial skills.

To support more women into senior roles and leadership positions, the Government is providing additional funding of $40.4 million for a range of initiatives. This includes expanding the Future Women’s Jobs Academy to provide mentoring support and skills training to help women to transition into management and leadership positions. The Government is also supporting future pipelines for women leaders in sport, as well as upcoming major women's sporting events, such as the Women’s Rugby World Cup.

The Government is enhancing Paid Parental Leave for working families to provide increased flexibility to manage work and care.