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Budget Papers
Budget Paper No. 1: Budget Strategy and Outlook 6.1MB
Budget Paper No. 2: Budget Measures 3.9MB
Budget Paper No. 3: Federal Financial Relations 4.4MB
Budget Paper No. 4: Agency Resourcing 5.8MB
Women’s Budget Statement 839KB
Budget Papers chart data 1.3MB ZIP
Overview 6.6MB
More jobs and a strong economy 3.9MB
Building Australia and strengthening our regions 11.8MB
Guaranteeing the essential services 10.6MB
Keeping Australians safe 5.1MB
Fuel excise fact sheet 239KB
Halving fuel excise fact sheets  
Impact on businesses travelling off public roads or that use fuel powered machinery 165KB
Impact on heavy vehicle users 174KB
Impact on businesses that are not eligible to receive fuel tax credits for their fuel use 173KB
Impact on farmers 179KB