Jobs and Skills

The Government is helping Australians to work for as long as they want, laying the foundations for a secure retirement.

The Government is committed to backing business to create more jobs for Australians, including older Australians. More than 1,000 Australians have been getting jobs every single day over the past year, and more people aged over 55 are moving into the workforce.

The skills and experiences of older Australians are valuable and the Government is working with business to ensure they see and appreciate that value. For older Australians who need some help to stay or get into the workforce, the Government is ensuring that they will have the targeted support they need.

Addressing perceptions of mature age workers

  • Access to the Restart Wage Subsidy for Australians aged 50 years and over will be expanded providing up to $10,000 to employers to support workers to continue their career.
  • The Government will work with the States and Territories to address the common misconception that workers aged over 65 cannot access workers compensation, and review any age based limitations within workers compensation schemes.
  • The Government will establish a Collaborative Partnership on Mature Age Employment, working with the Age Discrimination Commissioner, the Hon Dr Kay Patterson, AO and a range of business, peak bodies and other experts to drive cultural change in businesses' approach to taking on mature age employees and to equip managers and business owners to work with an ageing workforce.

Skills Checkpoint and Training Incentive

  • The Government will roll out the Skills Checkpoint for Older Workers Program to Australians aged 45 to 70. Through individually tailored assessments and referrals, the Skills Checkpoint will provide workers with advice on how to best use their existing skills in the workforce, or identify opportunities for upskilling. Individuals who would benefit from additional workforce support and training opportunities will be eligible for a range of additional services, including tailored advice for job applications and follow-up coaching.
  • The Skills and Training Incentive will provide up to $2000 per worker to fund reskilling opportunities for eligible individuals aged 45 to 70, to be matched by either the individual or the employer. Workers aged 45 to 70 who have completed the Skills Checkpoint, and are currently in employment but have been assessed as possibly susceptible to job loss will be eligible for the matched incentive. Participants will work with Skills Checkpoint assessors to source appropriate training. Employers will benefit from this initiative as it lowers the cost of investing in skills development.
Workforce participation of mature age Australians

Note: 12 month moving average of original data. Source: ABS Cat. No. 6291.0.55.001

Entrepreneurship Facilitators

For workers who are considering establishing their own business, the Government will provide $17.7 million to support entrepreneurs. Facilitators will offer mentoring and support, with a focus on those aged over 45 years.

The Entrepreneurship Facilitators program will be expanded to new locations, including regional Australia, helping older workers to turn their years of valued experience into a thriving business.

The Government is delivering a further suite of measures to support mature age workers choosing to remain in the workforce:

  • $15.2m for Job Change to provide support for mature age workers transitioning into roles in growth industries. This will include the provision of information and development of a new interactive Skills Transferability Tool to source job opportunities specifically tailored to the skills of the individual.
  • Bringing forward the national rollout of the Career Transition Assistance Program (CTAP) by one year to 1 July 2019. The CTAP will provide job seekers 45 years and over with a voluntary, intensive course consisting of an assessment of skills, suitable occupations, resilience strategies and digital skills.