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Your Budget 2017-18

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Budget overview

This Budget is the next stage in the Government's economic plan, building on commitments from the 2016-17 Budget and the 2016 election.

Investing in a healthy Australia

Supporting Australians to live healthy and active lives, and investing in medical research to improve health outcomes

Affordable medicines

The Government will continue to list new, cost-effective medicines on the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme to ensure Australians continue to have access to affordable medicines.

In this Budget, $1.2 billion will be provided for new and amended listings on the PBS, including more than $510 million for a new medicine for patients with chronic heart failure.

Since 2013, the Government has listed more than 1,400 new or amended medicines on the PBS. These listings include breakthrough medicines to treat Hepatitis C and medicines to treat cystic fibrosis, psoriasis, severe asthma, breast cancer and myeloma.

The Government is reducing the costs of medicines to achieve savings to taxpayers of $1.8 billion over five years and make medicines more affordable.

Healthy Australia

The Government will support Australians to lead active, healthy lives. This will include $15 million for healthy heart initiatives, working with The Heart Foundation and GPs.

The Government is continuing our drive to increase childhood vaccination rates with $19.6 million to support the No Jab No Pay policy.

A package of more than $165 million will continue to prioritise mental health support and prevention, including $80 million for community psychosocial services, over $50 million to support veterans and $15 million for research initiatives at Orygen, the Black Dog Institute and the Thompson Institute.

A further $15.5 million will be provided to support more than 2,000 aspiring and high performance athletes in the lead up to the 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games.

Medical Research

In this Budget the Government has committed new funding for medical research. $65.9 million will be provided from the Medical Research Future Fund to support preventative health research, clinical trials and breakthrough research investments.

In addition, $5.8 million will be provided for research into childhood cancer.