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Appendix A: Agency Outcome Statements

This appendix provides the Outcomes managed by each agency. It assists understanding Table 1.1.

Outcome statements articulate Government objectives and serve three main purposes:

  • to explain the purposes for which annual appropriations are approved by the Parliament for use by Commonwealth entities;
  • to provide a basis for budgeting and reporting against the use of funds; and
  • to measure and assess agency and programme non‑financial performance in contributing to Government policy objectives.

Commonwealth agencies within the GGS have at least one Outcome statement.

Department Outcome Description
Department of Parliamentary Services 1 Support the functions of Parliament and parliamentarians through the provision of professional services, advice and facilities and maintain Australian Parliament House.
Department of the House of Representatives 1 Advisory and administrative services support the House of Representatives to fulfil its representative and legislative role.
Department of the Senate 1 Advisory and administrative support services to enable the Senate and Senators to fulfil their representative and legislative duties.
Parliamentary Budget Office 1 Inform the Parliament by providing independent and non‑partisan analysis of the budget cycle, fiscal policy and the financial implications of proposals.
Agriculture and Water Resources
Agency Outcome Description
Department of Agriculture and Water Resources 1 More sustainable, productive, internationally competitive and profitable Australian agricultural, food and fibre industries through policies and initiatives that promote better resource management practices, innovation, self‑reliance and improved access to international markets.
Department of Agriculture and Water Resources 2 Safeguard Australia's animal and plant health status to maintain overseas markets and protect the economy and environment from the impact of exotic pests and diseases, through risk assessment, inspection and certification, and the implementation of emergency response arrangements for Australian agricultural, food and fibre industries.
Department of Agriculture and Water Resources 3 Improve the health of rivers and freshwater ecosystems and water use efficiency through implementing water reforms, and ensuring enhanced sustainability, efficiency and productivity in the management and use of water resources.
Australian Fisheries Management Authority 1 Ecologically sustainable and economically efficient Commonwealth fisheries, through understanding and monitoring Australia's marine living resources and regulating and monitoring commercial fishing, including domestic licensing and deterrence of illegal foreign fishing.
Australian Grape and Wine Authority 1 Foster and enable a competitive Australian wine industry by investing in research and development, building markets, disseminating knowledge and ensuring compliance.
Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority 1 Protection of the health and safety of people, animals, the environment, and agricultural and livestock industries through regulation of pesticides and veterinary medicines.
Cotton Research and Development Corporation 1 Adoption of innovation that leads to increased productivity, competitiveness and environmental sustainability through investment in research and development that benefits the Australian cotton industry and the wider community.
Fisheries Research and Development Corporation 1 Increased economic, social and environmental benefits for Australian fishing and aquaculture, and the wider community, by investing in knowledge, innovation, and marketing.
Grains Research and Development Corporation 1 New information and products that enhance the productivity, competitiveness and environmental sustainability of Australian grain growers and benefit the industry and wider community, through planning, managing and implementing investments in grains research and development.
Murray‑Darling Basin Authority 1 Equitable and sustainable use of the Murray‑Darling Basin by governments and the community including through development and implementation of a Basin Plan, operation of the River Murray system, shared natural resource management programs, research, information and advice.
Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation 1 Increased knowledge that fosters sustainable, productive and profitable new and existing rural industries and furthers understanding of national rural issues through research and development in government‑industry partnership.
Agency Outcome Description
Attorney‑General's Department 1 A just and secure society through the maintenance and improvement of Australia's law and justice framework and its national security and emergency management system.
Administrative Appeals Tribunal 1 Provide correct or preferable decisions through a mechanism of independent review of administrative decisions that is accessible, fair, just, economical, informal, quick and proportionate.
Australian Commission for Law Enforcement Integrity 1 Independent assurance to the Australian Government that Commonwealth law enforcement agencies and their staff act with integrity by detecting, investigating and preventing corruption.
Australian Crime Commission 1 Reduced serious and organised crime threats of most harm to Australians and the national interest including through providing the ability to understand, discover and respond to such threats.
Australian Federal Police 1 Reduced criminal and security threats to Australia's collective economic and societal interests through co‑operative policing services.
Australian Federal Police 2 A safe and secure environment through policing activities on behalf of the Australian Capital Territory Government.
Australian Financial Security Authority 1 Improved and equitable financial outcomes for consumers, business and the community through application of bankruptcy and personal property securities laws, regulation of personal insolvency practitioners, and trustee services.
Australian Human Rights Commission 1 An Australian society in which human rights are respected, protected and promoted through independent investigation and resolution of complaints, education and research to promote and eliminate discrimination, and monitoring, and reporting on human rights.
Australian Institute of Criminology 1 Informed crime and justice policy and practice in Australia by undertaking, funding and disseminating policy‑relevant research of national significance; and through the generation of a crime and justice evidence base and national knowledge centre.
Australian Law Reform Commission 1 Informed government decisions about the development, reform and harmonisation of Australian laws and related processes through research, analysis, reports and community consultation and education.
Australian Security Intelligence Organisation 1 To protect Australia, its people and its interests from threats to security through intelligence collection, assessment and advice to Government.
Australian Transaction Reports and Analysis Centre 1 The protection of the financial system from criminal abuse through actionable financial intelligence and collaboration with domestic and international partners.
CrimTrac Agency 1 Access to information that supports law enforcement agencies through collaborative national information systems and services.
Federal Court of Australia 1 Apply and uphold the rule of law for litigants in the Federal Court of Australia and parties in the National Native Title Tribunal through the resolution of matters according to law and through the effective management of the administrative affairs of the Court and Tribunal.
Federal Court of Australia 2 Apply and uphold the rule of law for litigants in the Family Court of Australia through the resolution of family law matters according to law, particularly more complex family law matters and through the effective management of the administrative affairs of the Court.
Federal Court of Australia 3 Apply and uphold the rule of law for litigants in the Federal Circuit Court of Australia through more informal and streamlined resolution of family law and general federal law matters according to law, through the encouragement of appropriate dispute resolution processes and through the effective management of the administrative affairs of the Court.
Federal Court of Australia 4 Improved administration and support of the resolution of matters according to law for litigants in the Federal Court of Australia, the Family Court of Australia and the Federal Circuit Court of Australia and parties in the National Native Title Tribunal through efficient and effective provision of shared corporate services.
High Court of Australia 1 To interpret and uphold the Australian Constitution and perform the functions of the ultimate appellate Court in Australia.
National Archives of Australia 1 To promote the creation, management and preservation of authentic, reliable and usable Commonwealth records and to facilitate Australians' access to the archival resources of the Commonwealth.
Office of Parliamentary Counsel 1 A body of Commonwealth laws and instruments that give effect to intended policy, and that are coherent, readable and readily accessible, through the drafting and publication of those laws and instruments.
Office of the Australian Information Commissioner 1 Provision of public access to Commonwealth Government information, protection of individuals' personal information, and performance of information commissioner, freedom of information and privacy functions.
Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions 1 Contribute to a fair, safe and just society by delivering an effective, independent prosecution service in accordance with the Prosecution Policy of the Commonwealth.
Communications and the Arts
Agency Outcome Description
Department of Communications and the Arts 1 Promote an innovative and competitive communications sector, through policy development, advice and program delivery, so all Australians can realise the full potential of digital technologies and communications services.
Department of Communications and the Arts 2 Participation in, and access to, Australia's arts and culture through developing and supporting cultural expression.
Australia Business Arts Foundation Limited 1 A cultural environment that enriches the lives of all Australians.
Australia Council 1 Supporting Australian artists and arts organisations to create and present excellent art that is accessed by audiences across Australia and abroad.
Australian Broadcasting Corporation 1 Informed, educated and entertained audiences — throughout Australia and overseas — through innovative and comprehensive media and related services.
Australian Communications and Media Authority 1 A communications and media environment that balances the needs of the industry and the Australian community through regulation, education and advice.
Australian Film, Television and Radio School 1 Support the development of a professional screen arts and broadcast culture in Australia including through the provision of specialist industry‑focused education, training, and research.
Australian National Maritime Museum 1 Increased knowledge, appreciation and enjoyment of Australia's maritime heritage by managing the National Maritime Collection and staging programs, exhibitions and events.
National Film and Sound Archive of Australia 1 Increased engagement with Australia's audiovisual culture past and present through developing, preserving, maintaining and promoting the national audiovisual collection of historic and cultural significance.
National Gallery of Australia 1 Increased understanding, knowledge and enjoyment of the visual arts by providing access to, and information about, works of art locally, nationally and internationally.
National Library of Australia 1 Enhanced learning, knowledge creation, enjoyment and understanding of Australian life and society by providing access to a national collection of library material.
National Museum of Australia 1 Increased awareness and understanding of Australia's history and culture by managing the National Museum's collections and providing access through public programs and exhibitions.
National Portrait Gallery of Australia 1 Enhanced understanding and appreciation of Australian identity, culture and diversity through portraiture by engaging the public in education programs and exhibitions, and by developing and preserving the national portrait collection.
Old Parliament House 1 An enhanced appreciation and understanding of the political and social heritage of Australia for members of the public, through activities including the conservation and upkeep of, and the provision of access to, Old Parliament House and the development of its collections, exhibitions and educational programs.
Screen Australia 1 Promote engaged audiences and support a creative, innovative and commercially sustainable screen industry through the funding and promotion of diverse Australian screen product.
Special Broadcasting Service Corporation 1 Provide multilingual and multicultural services that inform, educate and entertain all Australians and in so doing reflect Australia's multicultural society.
Agency Outcome Description
Department of Defence 1 The protection and advancement of Australia's national interests through the provision of military capabilities and the promotion of security and stability.
Department of Defence 2 The advancement of Australia's strategic interests through the conduct of military operations and other tasks as directed by Government.
Department of Defence 3 Support for the Australian community and civilian authorities as requested by Government.
Department of Veterans' Affairs 1 Maintain and enhance the financial wellbeing and self‑sufficiency of eligible persons and their dependants through access to income support, compensation, and other support services, including advice and information about entitlements.
Department of Veterans' Affairs 2 Maintain and enhance the physical wellbeing and quality of life of eligible persons and their dependants through health and other care services that promote early intervention, prevention and treatment, including advice and information about health service entitlements.
Department of Veterans' Affairs 3 Acknowledgement and commemoration of those who served Australia and its allies in wars, conflicts and peace operations through promoting recognition of service and sacrifice, preservation of Australia's wartime heritage, and official commemorations.
Australian War Memorial 1 Australians remembering, interpreting and understanding the Australian experience of war and its enduring impact through maintaining and developing the national memorial, its collection and exhibition of historical material, commemorative ceremonies and research.
Defence Housing Australia 1 To contribute to the Defence outcome by providing total housing services that meet Defence operational and client needs through a strong customer and business focus.
Education and Training
Agency Outcome Description
Department of Education and Training 1 Improved early learning, schooling, student educational outcomes and transitions to and from school through access to quality child care, support, parent engagement, quality teaching and learning environments.
Department of Education and Training 2 Promote growth in economic productivity and social wellbeing through access to quality higher education, international education, and international quality research, skills and training.
Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority 1 Improved quality and consistency of school education in Australia through a national curriculum, national assessment, data collection, and performance reporting system.
Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership Limited 1 Enhance the quality of teaching and school leadership through developing standards, recognising teaching excellence, providing professional development opportunities, and supporting the teaching profession.
Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies 1 Further understanding of Australian Indigenous cultures, past and present through undertaking and publishing research, and providing access to print and audiovisual collections.
Australian Research Council 1 Growth of knowledge and innovation through managing research funding schemes, measuring research excellence and providing advice.
Australian Skills Quality Authority 1 Contribute to a high quality vocational education and training sector, including through streamlined and nationally consistent regulation of training providers and courses, and the communication of advice to the sector on improvements to the quality of vocational education and training.
Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency 1 Contribute to a high quality higher education sector through streamlined and nationally consistent higher education regulatory arrangements; registration of higher education providers; accreditation of higher education courses; and investigation, quality assurance and dissemination of higher education standards and performance.
Agency Outcome Description
Department of Employment 1 Foster a productive and competitive labour market through employment policies and programmes that assist job seekers into work, meet employer needs and increase Australia's workforce participation.
Department of Employment 2 Facilitate jobs growth through policies that promote fair, productive and safe workplaces.
Comcare 1 Support participation and productivity through healthy and safe workplaces that minimise the impact of harm in workplaces covered by Comcare.
Asbestos Safety and Eradication Agency 1 Assist in the prevention of exposure to asbestos fibres and the elimination of asbestos‑related disease in Australia through implementing the National Strategic Plan for Asbestos Awareness and Management in Australia.
Fair Work Commission 1 Simple, fair and flexible workplace relations for employees and employers through the exercise of powers to set and vary minimum wages and modern awards, facilitate collective bargaining, approve agreements and deal with disputes.
Office of the Fair Work Building Industry Inspectorate 1 Enforce workplace relations laws in the building and construction industry and ensure compliance with those laws by all participants in the building and construction industry through the provision of education, assistance and advice.
Office of the Fair Work Ombudsman 1 Compliance with workplace relations legislation by employees and employers through advice, education and where necessary enforcement.
Safe Work Australia 1 Healthier, safer and more productive workplaces through improvements to Australian work health and safety and workers' compensation arrangements.
Seafarers Safety, Rehabilitation and Compensation Authority 1 Safe and healthy workplaces, and cost effective and fair compensation.
Workplace Gender Equality Agency 1 Promote and improve gender equality in Australian workplaces including through the provision of advice and assistance to employers and the assessment and measurement of workplace gender data.
Agency Outcome Description
Department of the Environment 1 Conserve, protect and sustainably manage Australia's biodiversity, ecosystems, environment and heritage through research, information management, supporting natural resource management, establishing and managing Commonwealth protected areas, and reducing and regulating the use of pollutants and hazardous substances.
Department of the Environment 2 Reduce Australia's greenhouse gas emissions, adapt to the impacts of climate change, contribute to effective global action on climate change, and support technological innovation in clean and renewable energy, through developing and implementing a national response to climate change.
Department of the Environment 3 Advance Australia's strategic, scientific, environmental and economic interests in the Antarctic region by protecting, administering and researching the region.
Department of the Environment 4 Improve the health of freshwater ecosystems (rivers, wetlands, flood plains) through research, education and environmental watering and strengthen the water resources knowledge base.
Australian Renewable Energy Agency 1 Support improvements in the competitiveness of renewable energy and related technologies and the supply of renewable energy by administering financial assistance, developing analysis and advice about, and sharing information and knowledge with regard to, renewable energy and related technologies.
Bureau of Meteorology 1 Informed safety, security and economic decisions by governments, industry and the community through the provision of information, forecasts, services and research relating to weather, climate and water.
Clean Energy Finance Corporation 1 Facilitate increased flows of finance into Australia's clean energy sector, applying commercial rigour to investing in renewable energy, low‑emissions and energy efficiency technologies, building industry capacity, and disseminating information to industry stakeholders.
Clean Energy Regulator 1 Contribute to a reduction in Australia's net greenhouse gas emissions, including through the administration of market based mechanisms that incentivise reduction in emissions and the promotion of additional renewable electricity generation.
Climate Change Authority 1 Provide expert advice to the Australian Government on climate change mitigation initiatives, including through conducting regular and specifically commissioned reviews and through undertaking climate change research.
Director of National Parks 1 Conservation and appreciation of Commonwealth reserves through the provision of safe visitor access, the control of invasive species and working with stakeholders and neighbours.
Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority 1 The long‑term protection, ecologically sustainable use, understanding and enjoyment of the Great Barrier Reef for all Australians and the international community, through the care and development of the Marine Park.
Sydney Harbour Federation Trust 1 Enhanced appreciation and understanding of the natural and cultural values of Sydney for all visitors, through the remediation, conservation and adaptive re‑use of, and access to, Trust lands on Sydney Harbour.
Agency Outcome Description
Department of Finance 1 Support sustainable Australian Government finances through providing high quality policy advice and operational support to the government and Commonwealth entities to maintain effective and efficient use of public resources.
Department of Finance 2 Support an efficient and high‑performing public sector through providing leadership to Commonwealth entities in ongoing improvements to public sector governance, including through systems, frameworks, policy, advice and service delivery.
Department of Finance 3 Support for Parliamentarians and others as required by the Australian Government through the delivery of, and advice on, entitlements and targeted assistance.
Australian Electoral Commission 1 Maintain an impartial and independent electoral system for eligible voters through active electoral roll management, efficient delivery of polling services and targeted education and public awareness programs.
Commonwealth Superannuation Corporation 1 Retirement and insurance benefits for scheme members and beneficiaries, including past, present and future employees of the Australian Government and other eligible employers and members of the Australian Defence Force, through investment and administration of their superannuation funds and schemes.
Future Fund Management Agency 1 Make provision for the Commonwealth's unfunded superannuation liabilities, payments for the creation and development of infrastructure, and payments from the DisabilityCare Australia Fund by managing the investment activities of the Future Fund, Nation‑building Funds and DisabilityCare Australia Fund, in line with the Government's investment mandates.
Foreign Affairs and Trade
Agency Outcome Description
Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade 1 The advancement of Australia's international strategic, security and economic interests including through bilateral, regional and multilateral engagement on Australian Government foreign, trade and international development policy priorities.
Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade 2 The protection and welfare of Australians abroad and access to secure international travel documentation through timely and responsive travel advice and consular and passport services in Australia and overseas.
Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade 3 A secure Australian Government presence overseas through the provision of security services and information and communications technology infrastructure, and the management of the Commonwealth's overseas property estate.
Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research 1 To achieve more productive and sustainable agricultural systems for the benefit of developing countries and Australia through international agricultural research and training partnerships.
Australian Secret Intelligence Service 1 Enhanced understanding for the Government of the overseas environment affecting Australia's interests through the provision of covert intelligence services about the capabilities, intentions or activities of people or organisations outside Australia.
Australian Trade and Investment Commission 1 Contribute to Australia's economic prosperity by promoting Australia's export and other international economic interests through the provision of information, advice and services to business, associations, institutions and government.
Australian Trade and Investment Commission 2 The protection and welfare of Australians abroad through timely and responsive consular and passport services in specific locations overseas.
Tourism Australia 1 Grow demand and foster a competitive and sustainable Australian tourism industry through partnership marketing to targeted global consumers in key markets.
Agency Outcome Description
Department of Health 1 Australia's health system is better equipped to meet current and future health needs by applying research, evaluation, innovation, and use of data to develop and implement integrated, evidence‑based health policies, and through support for sustainable funding for health infrastructure.
Department of Health 2 Support for sustainable funding for public hospital services and improved access to high quality, comprehensive and coordinated preventive, primary and mental health care for all Australians, with a focus on those with complex health care needs and those living in regional, rural and remote areas, including through access to a skilled health workforce.
Department of Health 3 Improved opportunities for community participation in sport and recreation, excellence in high‑performance athletes, and protecting the integrity of sport through investment in sport infrastructure, coordination of Commonwealth involvement in major sporting events, and research and international cooperation on sport issues.
Department of Health 4 Access to cost‑effective medicines, medical, dental and hearing services, and improved choice in health services, including through the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme, Medicare, targeted assistance strategies and private health insurance.
Department of Health 5 Protection of the health and safety of the Australian community and preparedness to respond to national health emergencies and risks, including through immunisation, initiatives, and regulation of therapeutic goods, chemicals, gene technology, and blood and organ products.
Department of Health 6 Improved wellbeing for older Australians through targeted support, access to quality care and related information services.
Australian Aged Care Quality Agency 1 High‑quality care for persons receiving Australian Government subsidised residential aged care and aged care in the community through the accreditation of residential aged care services, the quality review of aged care services including services provided in the community, and the provision of information, education and training to the aged care sector.
Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care 1 Improved safety and quality in health care across the health system, including through the development, support for implementation, and monitoring of national clinical safety and quality guidelines and standards.
Australian Digital Health Agency 1 To deliver national digital healthcare systems to enable and support improvement in health outcomes for Australians.
Australian Institute of Health and Welfare 1 A robust evidence‑base for the health, housing and community sectors, including through developing and disseminating comparable health and welfare information and statistics.
Australian National Preventive Health Agency 1 A reduction in the prevalence of preventable disease, including through research and evaluation to build the evidence base for future action, and by managing lifestyle education campaigns and developing partnerships with non‑government sectors.
Australian Organ and Tissue Donation and Transplantation Authority 1 Improved access to organ and tissue transplants, including through a nationally coordinated and consistent approach and system.
Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency 1 Protection of people and the environment through radiation protection and nuclear safety research, policy, advice, codes, standards, services and regulation.
Australian Sports Anti‑Doping Authority 1 Protection of the health of athletes and the integrity of Australian sport including through engagement, deterrence, detection and enforcement to minimise the risk of doping.
Australian Sports Commission 1 Increased participation in organised sport and continued international sporting success including through leadership and development of a cohesive and effective sports sector, provision of targeted financial support, and the operation of the Australian Institute of Sport.
Australian Sports Foundation Limited 1 Improved Australian sporting infrastructure through assisting eligible organisations to raise funds for registered sporting projects.
Cancer Australia 1 Minimised impacts of cancer, including through national leadership in cancer control, with targeted research, cancer service development, education and consumer support.
Food Standards Australia New Zealand 1 A safe food supply and well‑informed consumers in Australia and New Zealand, including through the development of food regulatory measures and the promotion of their consistent implementation, coordination of food recall activities and the monitoring of consumer and industry food practices.
Independent Hospital Pricing Authority 1 Promote improved efficiency in, and access to, public hospital services primarily through setting efficient national prices and levels of block funding for hospital activities.
National Blood Authority 1 Access to a secure supply of safe and affordable blood products, including through national supply arrangements and coordination of best practice standards within agreed funding policies under the national blood arrangements.
National Health and Medical Research Council 1 Improved health and medical knowledge, including through funding research, translating research findings into evidence‑based clinical practice, administering legislation governing research, issuing guidelines and advice for ethics in health and the promotion of public health.
National Health Funding Body 1 Provide transparent and efficient administration of Commonwealth, state and territory funding of the Australian public hospital system, and support the obligations and responsibilities of the Administrator of the National Health Funding Pool.
National Health Performance Authority 1 Contribute to transparent and accountable health care services in Australia, including through the provision of independent performance monitoring and reporting; the formulation of performance indicators; and conducting and evaluating research.
National Mental Health Commission 1 Provide expert advice to the Australian Government and cross‑sectoral leadership on the policy, programs, services and systems that support mental health in Australia, including through administering the Annual National Report Card on Mental Health and Suicide Prevention, undertaking performance monitoring and reporting, and engaging consumers and carers.
Professional Services Review 1 A reduction of the risks to patients and costs to the Australian Government of inappropriate clinical practice, including through investigating health services claimed under the Medicare and Pharmaceutical benefits schemes.
Immigration and Border Protection
Agency Outcome Description
Department of Immigration and Border Protection 1 Protect Australia's sovereignty, security and safety by managing its border, including through managing the stay and departure of all non‑citizens.
Department of Immigration and Border Protection 2 Support a prosperous and inclusive society, and advance Australia's economic interests through the effective management of the visa and citizenship programmes and provision of refugee and humanitarian assistance.
Department of Immigration and Border Protection 3 Advance Australia's economic interests through the facilitation of the trade of goods to and from Australia and the collection of border revenue.
Industry, Innovation and Science
Agency Outcome Description
Department of Industry, Innovation and Science 1 Enabling growth and productivity for globally competitive industries through supporting science and commercialisation, growing business investment and improving business capability and streamlining regulation.
Australian Institute of Marine Science 1 Growth of knowledge to support protection and sustainable development of Australia's marine resources through innovative marine science and technology.
Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation 1 Improved knowledge, innovative capacity and healthcare through nuclear‑based facilities, research, training, products, services and advice to Government, industry, the education sector and the Australian population.
Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation 1 Innovative scientific and technology solutions to national challenges and opportunities to benefit industry, the environment and the community, through scientific research and capability development, services and advice.
National Offshore Petroleum Safety and Environmental Management Authority 1 Promote and enforce the effective management of risks to the workforce, the environment and the structural integrity of facilities, wells and well‑related equipment of the Australian offshore petroleum and greenhouse gas storage industries through regulatory oversight.
Geoscience Australia 1 Informed government, industry and community decisions on the economic, social and environmental management of the nation's natural resources through enabling access to geoscientific and spatial information.
IP Australia 1 Increased innovation, investment and trade in Australia, and by Australians overseas, through the administration of the registrable intellectual property rights system, promoting public awareness and industry engagement, and advising government.
Infrastructure and Regional Development
Agency Outcome Description
Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development 1 Improved infrastructure across Australia through investment in and coordination of transport and other infrastructure.
Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development 2 An efficient, sustainable, competitive, safe and secure transport system for all transport users through regulation, financial assistance and safety investigations.
Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development 3 Strengthening the sustainability, capacity and diversity of regional economies including through facilitating local partnerships between all levels of government and local communities; and providing grants and financial assistance.
Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development 4 Good governance in the Australian Territories through the maintenance and improvement of the overarching legislative framework for self‑governing territories, and laws and services for non‑self‑governing territories.
Australian Maritime Safety Authority 1 Minimise the risk of shipping incidents and pollution in Australian waters through ship safety and environment protection regulation and services and maximise people saved from maritime and aviation incidents through search and rescue coordination.
Australian Transport Safety Bureau 1 Improved transport safety in Australia including through: independent 'no blame' investigation of transport accidents and other safety occurrences; safety data recording, analysis and research; and fostering safety awareness, knowledge and action.
Civil Aviation Safety Authority 1 Maximise aviation safety through a regulatory regime, detailed technical material on safety standards, comprehensive aviation industry oversight, risk analysis, industry consultation, education and training.
Infrastructure Australia 1 Improve decision‑making on matters relating to infrastructure; advise governments and others on matters relating to infrastructure, including better assessment of infrastructure needs and prioritisation of infrastructure projects; and promote best practice infrastructure planning, financing, delivery and operation.
National Capital Authority 1 Manage the strategic planning, promotion and enhancement of Canberra as the National Capital for all Australians through the development and administration of the National Capital Plan, operation of the National Capital Exhibition, delivery of education and awareness programs and works to enhance the character of the National Capital.
National Transport Commission 1 Improved transport productivity, efficiency, safety and environmental performance and regulatory efficiency in Australia through developing, monitoring and maintaining nationally consistent regulatory and operational arrangements relating to road, rail and intermodal transport.
Prime Minister and Cabinet
Agency Outcome Description
Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet 1 Provide high‑quality policy advice and support to the Prime Minister, the Cabinet, Portfolio Ministers and Parliamentary Secretaries including through the coordination of government activities, policy development and program delivery.
Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet 2 Improve results for Indigenous Australians including in relation to school attendance, employment and community safety, through delivering services and programmes, and through measures that recognise the special place that Indigenous people hold in this Nation.
Aboriginal Hostels Ltd 1 Improved access to education, employment, health and other services for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people travelling or relocating through the operation of temporary hostel accommodation services.
Australian National Audit Office 1 To improve public sector performance and accountability through independent reporting on Australian Government administration to Parliament, the Executive and the public.
Australian Public Service Commission 1 Increased awareness and adoption of best practice public administration by the public service through leadership, promotion, advice and professional development, drawing on research and evaluation.
Digital Transformation Office 1 Improve the user experience for all Australians accessing government information and services by leading the design, development and continual enhancement of whole‑of‑government service delivery policies and standards, platforms and joined‑up services.
Indigenous Business Australia 1 Improved wealth acquisition to support the economic independence of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples through commercial enterprise, asset acquisition, construction and access to concessional home and business loans.
Indigenous Land Corporation 1 Enhanced socio‑economic development, maintenance of cultural identity and protection of the environment by Indigenous Australians through land acquisition and management.
National Australia Day Council Limited 1 A shared celebration of Australia and Australians through promoting the meaning of and participation in Australia Day and the Australian of the Year Awards.
Office of National Assessments 1 Advancement of Australia's national interests through increased government awareness of international developments affecting Australia.
Office of the Commonwealth Ombudsman 1 Fair and accountable administrative action by Australian Government entities and prescribed private sector organisations, by investigating complaints, reviewing administrative action and statutory compliance inspections and reporting.
Office of the Inspector‑General of Intelligence and Security 1 Independent assurance for the Prime Minister, senior ministers and Parliament as to whether Australia's intelligence and security agencies act legally and with propriety by inspecting, inquiring into and reporting on their activities.
Office of the Official Secretary to the Governor‑General 1 The performance of the Governor‑General's role is facilitated through organisation and management of official duties, management and maintenance of the official household and property and administration of the Australian Honours and Awards system.
Torres Strait Regional Authority 1 Progress towards closing the gap for Torres Strait Islander and Aboriginal people living in the Torres Strait Region through development planning, coordination, sustainable resource management, and preservation and promotion of Indigenous culture.
Social Services
Agency Outcome Description
Department of Social Services 1 Financial support for individuals and families who are unable to fully support themselves by providing a sustainable payments and concessions system.
Department of Social Services 2 Stronger families and more resilient communities by developing civil society and by providing family and community services.
Department of Social Services 3 Improved independence of, and participation by, people with disability, including improved support for carers, by providing targeted support and services.
Department of Social Services 4 Increased housing supply, improved community housing and assisting individuals experiencing homelessness through targeted support and services.
Department of Human Services 1 Support individuals, families and communities to achieve greater self‑sufficiency; through the delivery of policy advice and high quality accessible social, health and child support services and other payments; and support providers and businesses through convenient and efficient service delivery.
Australian Institute of Family Studies 1 Increased understanding of factors affecting how families function by conducting research and communicating findings to policy makers, service providers, and the broader community.
National Disability Insurance Scheme Launch Transition Agency 1 To implement a National Disability Insurance Scheme that provides individual control and choice in the delivery of reasonable and necessary care and supports to improve the independence, social and economic participation of eligible people with disability, their families and carers, and associated referral services and activities.
Agency Outcome Description
Department of the Treasury 1 Informed decisions on the development and implementation of policies to improve the wellbeing of the Australian people, including by achieving strong, sustainable economic growth, through the provision of advice to government and the efficient administration of federal financial relations.
Australian Bureau of Statistics 1 Informed decisions, research and discussion within governments and the community by leading the collection, analysis and provision of high quality, objective and relevant statistical information.
Australian Competition and Consumer Commission 1 Lawful competition, consumer protection, and regulated national infrastructure markets and services through regulation, including enforcement, education, price monitoring and determining the terms of access to infrastructure services.
Australian Office of Financial Management 1 The advancement of macroeconomic growth and stability, and the effective operation of financial markets, through issuing debt, investing in financial assets and managing debt, investments and cash for the Australian Government.
Australian Prudential Regulation Authority 1 Enhanced public confidence in Australia's financial institutions through a framework of prudential regulation which balances financial safety and efficiency, competition, contestability and competitive neutrality.
Australian Securities and Investments Commission 1 Improved confidence in Australia's financial markets through promoting informed investors and financial consumers, facilitating fair and efficient markets and delivering efficient registry systems.
Australian Taxation Office 1 Confidence in the administration of aspects of Australia's taxation and superannuation systems through helping people understand their rights and obligations, improving ease of compliance and access to benefits, and managing non‑compliance with the law.
Corporations and Markets Advisory Committee 1 Informed decisions by Government on issues relating to corporations regulation and financial products, services and markets through independent and expert advice.
Commonwealth Grants Commission 1 Informed Government decisions on fiscal equalisation between the States and Territories through advice and recommendations on the distribution of GST revenue and health care grants.
Inspector‑General of Taxation 1 Improved tax administration through investigation of complaints, conducting reviews, public reporting and independent advice to Government and its relevant entities.
National Competition Council 1 Competition in markets that are dependent on access to nationally significant monopoly infrastructure, through recommendations and decisions promoting the efficient operation of, use of and investment in infrastructure.
Office of the Auditing and Assurance Standards Board 1 The formulation and making of auditing and assurance standards that are used by auditors of Australian entity financial reports or for other auditing and assurance engagements.
Office of the Australian Accounting Standards Board 1 The formulation and making of accounting standards that are used by Australian entities to prepare financial reports and enable users of these reports to make informed decisions.
Productivity Commission 1 Well‑informed policy decision‑making and public understanding on matters relating to Australia's productivity and living standards, based on independent and transparent analysis from a community‑wide perspective.
Royal Australian Mint 1 The coinage needs of the Australian economy, collectors and foreign countries are met through the manufacture and sale of circulating coins, collector coins and other minted like products.