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Part 3: Capital Measures (continued)

Infrastructure and Regional Development

Delivery of Inland Rail

Capital ($m)
2015‑16 2016‑17 2017‑18 2018‑19 2019‑20
Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development
Department of Finance
Total — Capital
Department of Finance 3.8
Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development
Total — Expense 3.8

The Government will provide up to $593.7 million in additional equity over three years from 2017‑18 to the Australian Rail Track Corporation (ARTC) to progress the Inland Rail project including land acquisition, the continuation of pre‑construction, and due diligence activities. The funding will be subject to an equity funding agreement to be developed between the Commonwealth and ARTC. This will bring the Government's commitment to the project to a total of $893.7 million.

This measure includes $3.8 million funding for market testing to examine opportunities to optimise private sector involvement in delivering and financing Inland Rail.