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Australian Government Coat of Arms

Budget | 2015-16

Budget 2015-16
Australian Government Coat of Arms, Budget 2015-16

Universal access to preschool

Children who attend preschool in the year before starting school can benefit from improved academic performance during primary school

The Government will invest $843 million in the 2016 and 2017 calendar years for preschool programmes across Australia, to ensure children have a strong start and a bright future.

Early childhood is a vital period for learning and development.

Access to preschool benefits all children in the year before school, particularly disadvantaged children.

The National Partnership Agreement on Universal Access to Early Childhood Education ensures that in the year before school, states and territories provide all children with access to a preschool programme for up to 15 hours a week or for 600 hours a year, delivered by a degree qualified early childhood teacher.

Investing in early childhood education helps build a productive society. Early education can translate into school readiness, academic success, and lifetime wellbeing. Success builds upon success.

Investing in early childhood education
The graphic shows three children at preschool.