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Australian Government Coat of Arms

Budget | 2015-16

Budget 2015-16
Australian Government Coat of Arms, Budget 2015-16

Appendix B: Australian Government Budget Financial Statements

Consistent with the Charter of Budget Honesty Act 1998 (the Charter), the Government has produced a single set of financial statements for the Australian Government general government sector (GGS), the public non‑financial corporations (PNFC) sector, the total non‑financial public sector (NFPS) and the public financial corporations (PFC) sector. The financial statements comply with both Australian Bureau of Statistics' (ABS) accrual Government Finance Statistics (GFS) and Australian Accounting Standards (AAS), with departures disclosed. These statements are:

  • an operating statement, including other economic flows, which shows net operating balance and net lending/borrowing (fiscal balance);
  • a balance sheet, which also shows net worth, net financial worth, net financial liabilities and net debt; and
  • a cash flow statement, which includes the calculation of the underlying cash balance.

In addition to these general purpose statements, notes to the financial statements are required. These notes include a summary of accounting policies, disaggregated information and other disclosures required by AAS.

The statements reflect the policy that ABS GFS remains the basis of budget accounting policy, except where the Government applies AAS because it provides a better conceptual basis for presenting information of relevance to users of public sector financial reports.

The Australian, state and territory governments have an agreed framework — the Uniform Presentation Framework (UPF) — for the presentation of government financial information on a basis broadly consistent with the Australian Accounting Standards Board standard AASB 1049. The financial statements are consistent with the requirements of the UPF.

In accordance with the UPF requirements, this appendix also contains an update of the Australian Loan Council Allocation.