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Australian Government Coat of Arms

Budget | 2015-16

Budget 2015-16
Australian Government Coat of Arms, Budget 2015-16

Moving job seekers into work

Ensuring job seekers can find and keep a job

The Government is committed to ensuring that every Australian has the best chance to find and keep a job.

That is why we are providing intensive support to job seekers to help them overcome challenges and get sustainable employment.

There will be support for parents to plan and prepare for employment by combining arrangements that support their family commitments with activities aimed at maintaining their connection to the workforce.

To benefit fully from government support, it is important that job seekers make every effort to look for work.

New job search arrangements will help job seekers transition to employment and maintain the integrity of the social security system as a safety net for people who are most in need.

A new four week waiting period for under 25 year olds will set the clear expectation that young people must make every effort to maximise their chances of successfully obtaining work. This will replace the 2014‑15 Budget measure 'Stronger Participation Incentives for Job Seekers Under 30'.

To encourage a 'work-first' approach amongst job seekers, the consequences of non compliance with job searching and other obligations will be more immediate and more consistently applied.

Helping disadvantaged job seekers into work

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How changes will help parents

Young parent

Jenny did not finish Year 12, and currently isn't undertaking paid work. She is a mother to a young child.

Helping parents to benefit from early employment support

Although Jenny didn't finish year 12, she is looking forward to work and would like to get a job in IT.

Jenny will benefit from early employment support to help her create a positive future for her and her child.

Jenny will have help from a provider to develop a participation plan that sets out her future employment goals.

Jenny is told about the types of activities that will help her to meet these goals and prepare for employment in the future.

Parents can now prepare for employment by undertaking activities such as:

  • enrolling in a training course
  • sourcing a child care place
  • school readiness support
  • parenting or life skills support
  • financial management assistance
  • counselling
  • participation in youth support programmes
  • other activities can be agreed between parents and their jobactive organisation

Employers who offer a job to parents who have been on income support for more than six months will be eligible for a wage subsidy.