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Australian Government Coat of Arms

Budget | 2015-16

Budget 2015-16
Australian Government Coat of Arms, Budget 2015-16

Working with the community, our friends and allies

Working with the community is critical to the Government's strategy to keep Australia and Australians safe.

Local community leaders play a vital role in helping protect vulnerable members of the community from the allure of violent extremism.

The Government is providing assistance to help people disengage from extremist activities.

We are also combating online radicalisation with education programmes and by working with communities, industry and overseas partners.

Counter-terrorism coordination

The Government is strengthening our commitment to national counter-terrorism coordination.

We have established a multi-agency National Disruption Group, led by the Australian Federal Police, to investigate, disrupt and prosecute people of security concern.

The Australian Counter‑Terrorism Centre was also given an expanded mandate to ensure close and productive interagency coordination.

Last year, the Government commissioned a review into Australia's counter-terrorism coordination machinery to consider the ways our agencies work together and whether we could do better.

Defeating homegrown extremism can only occur when the community leads the way.

We are acting on the findings of this review to enhance collaboration among our security agencies.

Following the Martin Place siege in December 2014, the Government also reviewed coordination between Commonwealth and state and territory agencies.

We are working closely with states and territories to develop a national Counter-Terrorism Strategy.

Photo of two police officers speaking to members of the community.

Capacity building in the region

The Government is supporting the international effort against terrorism by expanding engagement with law and justice agencies across the Indo‑Pacific and in the Middle East.

This will enhance vital working relationships with international counterparts to assist them to investigate and prosecute those engaged in terrorist activity.

International partnership

The Government is committed to maintaining international partnerships in the global effort to combat terrorism.

We are expanding our international networks and sharing knowledge and experience with the United States, United Kingdom and other countries facing similar threats.

Australia's Ambassador for Counter‑Terrorism plays a key role in coordinating policy cooperation, capacity building and operational collaboration between Australian agencies and international counter-terrorism partners.

We are maintaining international partnerships in the global effort to combat terrorism.