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Australian Government Coat of Arms

Budget | 2015-16

Budget 2015-16
Australian Government Coat of Arms, Budget 2015-16

Helping lay the foundation for future prosperity

Supporting Australian families

The 2015 Budget delivers on the Government’s commitment to support families by making child care simpler, more affordable, accessible and flexible.

The future prosperity of working families depends on Australia responding to the changing demographics of our population and the economic challenges we all face.

The recent Intergenerational Report projected that the proportion of people working is expected to fall as the population ages – a lower proportion of Australians working will mean lower economic growth over this period.

Accordingly, boosting workforce participation is critical to driving higher levels of prosperity.

The Productivity Commission estimated there are up to 165,000  parents who would like to work, or work more hours, but are not able to do so because they are experiencing difficulties with the cost of, or access to, suitable child care.

The Government is delivering a $4.4 billion Families Package to give parents more choice and opportunity to work.

The Families Package will provide greater choice for more than 1.2 million families by delivering more affordable access to quality child care and early childhood learning, especially for low‑to‑middle income families.

Our future growth and prospects rely on having a sufficient workforce to fill the jobs of tomorrow.

The Government is delivering policies that encourage people who are not working to enter, or re‑enter the workforce, and support people to stay in work, where they choose to do so.

Children in formal care

Children in formal care - from 1996 to 2011

For some Australian families, the decision to go back to work after having a child is not a choice, but a necessity, if they are to continue to manage the demands of life and provide their children with opportunities.

The Government also recognises that we need an accessible child care system that focuses on helping those families who need our assistance the most.

This is why the Government is putting in place the Child Care Safety Net.

The Government’s families policies are directed towards improving engagement in the workforce and providing choice for everyday Australian families, while helping the vulnerable.

There are clear opportunities to increase future prosperity by better supporting Australian families to get and keep jobs. The Government’s families policies are focused on realising these opportunities.