Australian Government, 2011‑12 Budget

Part 3: Capital Measures (Continued)

Veterans' Affairs

Australian War Memorial — redevelopment of the First World War galleries

Capital ($m)
2010‑11 2011‑12 2012‑13 2013‑14 2014‑15
Australian War Memorial 0.5
Related expense ($m)
Australian War Memorial 1.2

The Government will provide seed funding of $1.7 million in 2011‑12 for the Australian War Memorial (the Memorial) to commence planning for a new permanent exhibition on the First World War, to commemorate the Centenary of Anzac. The exhibition will showcase the Memorial's world‑renowned collection, addressing themes such as Australia's involvement in the First World War, significant battles, the experiences of Australians who served, and the role of various aircraft and artillery.

This exhibition will be completed in late 2014 and will mark the Centenary of the First World War.

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