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Budget Paper 1: Budget Strategy and Outlook
Budget Statement 1: Fiscal Strategy and Outlook
Budget Statement 2: Economic Outlook
Budget Statement 3: Maintaining Low Inflation and Strong Growth
Budget Statement 4: Financial Outlook
Budget Statement 5: Revenue
Budget Statement 6: Expenses and Net Capital Investment
Budget Statement 7: Budget Funding
Budget Statement 8: The Public Sector

Budget Paper 2:
Budget Measures 2000-01

Budget Paper 3: Federal Financial Relations
Chapter 1: The New System of
Federal Financial Relations
Chapter 2: GST Revenue Provision and Commonwealth
Payments to the States in 2000-01
Chapter 3: Commonwealth Payments to the States
and Territories for 1999-2000
Chapter 4: Loan Council Arrangements and Fiscal Developments in the States
Appendix A: GST Revenue
Appendix B: Commonwealth Specific Purpose Payments to Other Levels of Government, Repayments of Advances, Advances and Interest Payments

Budget Paper 4: Agency Resourcing

Speech: Budget Speech

Budget Overview

Ministerial Statements
Australian Agency for International Development
Australia's Overseas Aid Program 2000-01
Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry
Agriculture - Advancing Australia
  Enviroment and Heritage
Investing in our Natural and Cultural Heritage

The Commonwealth's Environment Expenditure 2000-01

Prime Minister and Cabinet
Strengthening our Commitments to Women

  The Future Together
Transport and Regional Services
Regional Australia: Making a Difference

Portfolio Budget Statements    

Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (1.1)


Attorney-General's (1.2)


Department of Communications, Information Technology and the Arts (1.3)


Defence (1.4)

Department of Defence (1.4A)
Department of Veteran's Affairs (1.4B)
Defence Housing Authority (1.4C)

Department of Education, Training and Youth Affairs (1.5)    
Department of Employment, Workplace Relations & Small Business (1.6)    
Department of the Environment and Heritage (1.7)    
Department of Family and Community Services (1.8)    
Department of Finance and Administration (1.9)    
Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (1.10)    
Department of Health and Aged Care (1.11)    
Department of Immigration and Multicultural Affairs (1.12)    
Department of Industry, Science and Resources (1.13)    

Prime Minister and Cabinet (1.14)

Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet (1.14A)
Aboriginal Torres Strait Islander Commission (1.14B)

Department of Transport and Regional Services (1.15)    
Department of Treasury (1.16)

Parliamentary Departments (1.17)

House of Representatives (1.17A)
Senate (1.17B)
Parliamentary Reporting Staff (1.17C)
Parliamentary Library (1.17D)
Joint House (1.17E)