Appendix E Major initiatives in the 2013‑14 Budget

The table below provides a summary of major initiatives in the 2013‑14 Budget and their impact on the fiscal balance. More comprehensive information is provided in Budget Paper No. 2, Budget Measures 2013‑14.

Appendix E - Major initiatives in the 2013-14 Budget
Nation building infrastructure (a)‑195.30.0‑517.7‑862.8‑1,510.5‑3,086.3
Bruce Highway
Brisbane Cross River Rail and Melbourne Metro
Sydney Motorways (M4 extension, M5 duplication and F3‑M2)
Brisbane Gateway North Upgrade, Melbourne M80 RingRoad
widening and Adelaide South Road Upgrade
Regional projects: Swan Valley Bypass in Western Australia and
Midlands Highway in Tasmania
A National Plan for School Improvement‑17.7‑532.0‑559.9‑754.5‑1,120.4‑2,984.3
New school funding model
Continued support for students with disabilities
DisabilityCare Australia‑11.0‑26.6‑44.4‑240.7‑1,563.1‑1,885.8
Boosting productivity through education, skills and research‑16.2‑575.6‑481.0‑76.7‑78.3‑1,227.9
Early Childhood Education — National Partnership Agreement
Early Years Quality Fund — establishment
Priority postgraduate and sub‑bachelor courses; additional places
Alternative Pathways Program — establishment
Future Fellowships scheme — continuation
Helping the most vulnerable in our society‑66.8‑374.4‑260.6‑195.3‑81.7‑978.8
Youth Attainment and Transitions — extension
Homelessness National Partnership Agreement
Increase income‑free area for Newstart
Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse
Investing in key health services‑34.3‑207.3‑192.6‑211.0‑231.3‑876.5
Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme — new and amended listings
World leading cancer care
Defence operations and procurement0.0‑555.4‑226.2‑32.6‑9.7‑823.9
Supporting industry and business‑3.9‑140.0‑181.2‑91.1‑106.4‑522.5
Industry Innovation Precincts
Opening up opportunities through Australian Industry Participation
Responding to environmental needs and challenges‑223.7‑133.2‑102.7‑4.4‑16.7‑480.7
Natural Disaster Recovery and Rebuilding
National Insurance Affordability Initiative
Drought reform package
Farm Finance
Supporting Senior Australians0.0‑15.5‑16.5‑35.9‑59.0‑127.0
Housing help for seniors — pilot
Andrew Fisher Applied Policy Institute for Ageing
Keeping seniors connected

(a) These programs have been provisioned for in the contingency reserve